Stefanie Schmid Rincon - Photography & Video

Stefanie was always very intrigued about the famous culture of 'Lucha Libre' in Mexico. This mexican Wrestling has been the most poplular sport and spectacle since the early 1900's . After two weeks documenting the life at the Lucha Libre matches through Mexico City, Stefanie found herself in Tlalnepantla, a small town outside of Mexico City at the Arena Lopez Mateo, where she discovered and captured another side of the traditional and known match of Lucha Libre. This particular fight consists in getting the mask off with a fork of a wrestler, once the mask is off and the identity of a wrestler is revealed, he looses and can never wear a mask in a fight again.


Jan - March 2014 ,

Galerie der Neuen Schule für Fotografie Berlin, (Germany)

21 March , Avvi - Mexico City (Mexico)

Catalogue for Sale at C/O Berlin

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